Project Runway at the New York Fashion Week

So the new reality show featuring competing fashion designers, is finally coming to its finale on Friday's New York Fashion week. During the show, the four remaining finalists got to present there clothes on the runway, and here are some of their designs. . .

Austin Scarlett, whose theme is supposedly patriotic and old American. Personally it reminds me of the good old Victorian days-which I adore. . . but then again I'm not very acquainted with what old American is supposed to look it.

Next up was Kara Saun, who created a collection of the things she loves most: luxury, sexiness, strength and passion-which basically covers everything. It took me ages to identify her creations, and when I finally did. . well I don't have much feelings and thoughts towards it. I don't hate it, but I don't particularly love it either.

Then it was Wendy Pepper's turn, and her collection was inspired by the annual rite of harvest-which I guess means a return to nature. But the theme wasn't that apparent in the clothes, which like Kara Saun's was not too distinctive nor completely inspiring. This dress was the only one I can be sure is by Pepper.

And last but not least was Jay McCarroll's "stereotype" collection, which featured models wearing these huge headphones in matching outfits. As a fashion statement, and in terms of being distinctive and creative, McCarroll definitely scored high against his competitors. But as a wearer of fashion, I personally would not be caught dead wearing this (especially not those monstrous headphones), I mean she looks like a pink peacock! And paired with that pink feather shrug, it is just too overwhelming for one's eyes. . .

Overall it was quite a disappointment, but then again I unfortunately do not have cable access so haven't been able to watch this show-perhaps my expectations are just too high? But judging from their fashion show, I would guess that the winner would be between McCarroll and Scarlett, as they showed more creativity, potential and a sense of their own style.