Glamour Magazine's Best-Dressed List 2005

Yes, we know that we are uncharacteristicly late to report this piece of fashion news, but this list is really worth posting, even if it is a few days late.

1 Kate Moss (1) - Need I say more? She is THE original boho chic. The stylish model has her own unique style that is so loved by the public that her just-worn outfits can be seen in many high street shops.

2 Sienna Miller (47) - Also named the most stylish couple of the year with Jude Law. But I do agree with general consensus of her copying Kate Moss's style.
3 Sarah Jessica Parker (2) - Ah well, it seems like the Sex & the City effect is starting to fade.

4 Victoria Beckham (3) - I have no idea how she even got on the list.

5 Jennifer Aniston (11)- Although without Brad now, she is still one well-dressed lady!

6 Nicole Kidman (10) - Our modern icon of elegance. Chanel No.5 anyone?

7 Gwen Stefani (8) - Funky, unique and L.A.M.B.

8 Gwyneth Paltrow (7) - The celeb who first dared to wear jeans on the red carpet. Blue Cult even has a cutting named after her.

9 Mary-Kate Olsen (new entry) - My FAV style inspiration. There is just no comparison to how skillful MK mix & matches all the clothing layers and accessories she wears. And it seems that a Starbucks takeaway is her favourite companion, well, second to Ashley of course.
10 Kirsten Dunst (9) - This girl has become a favourite to style magazines in the past year for her funky, vintage style.

... ...

17 Madonna (45) - Glamour mag must have put her on the list to applaud her ability to sometimes use her outfits to skillfully hide her manly arms.

24 Sarah Michelle Gellar (17) - One of Barneys Girl's favourite actress.

25 Mischa Barton (new entry) - One of our favourite, well-dressed young stars.

28 Keira Knightley (5) - She is so beautiful and model-like that she will probably look good in a potato sack. Although this statement can also be applied to a few stars here, such as Mischa.
And we just couldn't resist listing the worst dressed celebs:
1 Jordan, 2 Jodie Marsh, 3 Paris Hilton, 4 Britney Spears, 5 Christina Aguilera
We mostly agree with this list. Although there is no denying that Paris Hilton's style has improved a lot recently and probably doesn't deserve to be on the worst-dressed list.