My First Online-Buy

Hmm, how to start? OK, to begin with, I am extremely cautious shopper. I analyse over every little detail of item -like the colour, the cut, the weight, the practicality, how often will I wear it, when will I get sick of it etc., until even my parents get fed up with me and tell me to just buy whatever it is. Also, even though I spend an abnormally large amount of my line window-shopping online all the time, I have never been brave enough to actually buy anything online -that was until a few weeks ago.

So a few weeks ago at the end of my Christmas break, I was looking through the net-a-porter sale. I looked at clutches first, since I figured if I was ever to buy anything online, it would be a bag, and clutches are usually cheaper than other types of bags. Plus I haven't bought an evening bag in almost two years and I'm terribly picky. So imagine my surprise when the first 'sale' page that I looked, there was a Miu Miu clutch that I actually liked and most importantly, it was affordable! So after imagining myself using it for a few days, encouragement from my sister and mum, and knowing that net-a-porter is extremely trust-worthy, I clicked the buy button.
The package arrived one day later than estimated, but it was all good. The clutch turned out a tiny bit smaller than I thought -it could just fit my already-tiny Samsung mobile phone. But I have come to accept that it is one of those little lipstick clutches. I love the velvet, which makes it look so classy. It's small, chic and girl-looking without being too cutsey. All in all, it was a fantastic experience. Now I really feel like I'm living in the twenty-first century!

Tell me about your online-shopping (or online-window shopping) experiences! Are you as obsessed as I am?

Fashion Shoes. What should we expect from the next season?

shoes tendenciesExamining footwear models of a new season, one can get cultural shock. But there are strong reasons for compromises and even gentle affection towards bulky boots, to jackboots and to dizzy high heels.

Designers, especially Mark Jacobs and Prada tried to create art-objects of footwear, which you can wear in in theory, but it's better simply to admire them. Those shoes are proving female's royalty and the right to be capricious. Such girls just stamp their little feet, sponges blows, order and stay in an eternal reflection. And fashionable footwear is their best ally.

FashionTime has revealed 9 attributes of fashionable footwear:

1. All kinds of footwear have a tankette or a platform.
2. Extremely high heels (10-12 cm).
3. The narrow noses.
4. Shoes let you "to show" the world your fashionable leggings or knitted stockings, besides they are very functional and will look perfectly even with a dress.
5. With gaiters or leggings you can wear new-pumps, the most fashionable of them are with leopard print and "French finger ".
6. Orthopedic footwear. The rule is: the more original design, the more fashionable. The best illustrators are Marc Jacobs (with a gold tankette), Louis Vuitton (with boots on a wavy platform), Jil Sander (classic men's boots on a platform), Prada, Balenciaga.
7. The colors are grey, black, red, metallic. A structure: a varnish, textiles, exotic animals' leather. Print: leopard, cell.
8. High jackboots, we should wear with short dresses.
9. Extremely sexual shoes, similar to striptease footwear, we should combine them with easy Look dress.

Shoes with the srtasses, the oblique heels, tankettes without a platform is footwear that you should avoide the next season. If you like decorations, use lists, fur pompons and metal buckles and rivets.

The designers confidently tell us, that the fashion is not going to back in habitual channel. So you should better buy platforms, tankettes and very high heels for the future. In fact besides the basic duties they are called to counterbalance volumetric clothes (skirts, sleeves, A-silhouettes). Everything is interconnected.

_Fashion Shoes_Fashion Shoes_Fashion Shoes

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Looking at the fashion autumn 2007

Chanel Collection 2007The forecast from Chanel.
People who compare fleeting sight at Charles Lagerfelda's crystal ball to travel to paradise, will be pleasantly surprised. In fact Chanel House on behalf of Charles has prepared a pleasant surprise. Fashion addicted, please keep calmness...
So, Pre-Fall Collection is " Looking at the autumn 2007 ". The presentation was held last month in Monaco. Ancient opera house of IXX centuries received the Visitors.
The main tendency in the collection is overlapping textural contrasts. Decontaminated antique skirts from a tulle are combined with simple truncated sweaters and roll-neck sweaters. The glamour of blouses "femme fatale" easy coexists with wide silk trousers of unexpectedly dark blue color … The idea of multi-layerness now experiences a real boom.
Well, a fashionable word-combination of the next autumn is "zero-gravity chik", a glamour without terrestrial attraction!

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Fashion tendencies 2007. Varnished Leather.

The varnished leather was fashionable in 60s, and it was a hit in 80s. It became a subject of a special glamour this season. Trend material of сlothes are the leather of an alligator and a python, and it is combined with the same accessories. Designers do not use any decoration. The material is so self-sufficient, that there is no need to do it. Exception is "strict" materials and "equal" fur. The main features of the varnished leather this season are bright, burning shine and deep black color. The high varnish gloves, densely fitting boot and shoes, amazing dresses and corsets are in fashion. The varnished leather became some kind of fetish for modern women.
It is presented in D&G, Dolce and Gabbana, Givenchy, Rochas, Versace, YSL and other collections.