Oscars 2005 Fashion

The Oscars (or is it the 77th Annual Academy Awards?) has FINALLY arrived. It is one of THE events of the year that fashionistas like us look forward to. The stars are out and so are the fashion. This year, there seems to be an excess of trails and tails and lots and lots of simple elegance! So, lets start with our favourite mermaids of the red carpet. . .

Academy Award winner for best supporting actress in the "Aviator", Cate Blanchett looking stunning in this refreshing yellow Valentino creation. Refreshing in that one rarely sees yellow on the red carpet at all!

Although yellow seems to be on the roll this time around, as Penelope Cruz too walked the red carpet in this gorgeous yellow creation by Oscar de la Renta.

Gwyneth Paltrow also took a liking to the lighter colors, arriving in this beeeeeautiful nude colored elegant strapless dress by Stella McCartney. One of my favourites of the day. I love the fact that her hair is let loose in such a casual way (even though this look probably took AGES to achieve).

White also seems to be quite a popular color this time, with Catalina Sandino Moreno in this lovely white creation. I had a hard time deciding whether to show a photo of the front or the back of the dress, because they are equally as lovely. In the ended I decided on the front because it best showed off the simple elegance of the dress, but DOtake a look at the
back of her dress.

Although my observation on white might be due to Gisele Bundchen, who was in a LOT of photos next to Academy Award Nominee, Leonardo DiCaprio. Only a supermodel like her can carry off such a poofy white baby doll dress without looking like a balloon (or that she's just gotten out of bed) and in fact looks quite cute and pretty.

Renee Zellweger looking very unconfortable, but defintely mermaid-like in this red Carolina Herrera creation. She seems to be quite a fan of Carolina Herrera, as her dress at the
Golden Globes was also by her. This dress especially suits her now that she has dark hair, I don't think she would look quite as stunning if she had been blonde. .

Emmy Rossum, from Phantom of the Opera, looking sophisticated and gorgeous in this red creation by her favourite designer-Ralph Lauren. Gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ralph Lauren. He always manages to make a girl look gorgeous in a timeless and classical way.

Academy Award Winner for best actress in a leading role in "Million Dollar Baby", Hilary Swank standing out in this high necked, long sleeved, backless dark blue gown by Guy Laroche. Defintely different from the other strapless/sleeveless stars of the night.

But ofcourse, while the lighter colors are prominent, black will always be THE color. And Beyonce was the epitome of elegance and style in this simple black strapless Versace dress. She has defintely got the glam and style together this season, looking equally as elegant in black at the Grammys.

Its always good to see a fellow asian on the red carpet, but it is even better to see them looking gorgeous on it as well. And Zhang Zi Yi definitely looks gorgeous in this black tiered dress.

Sigh. . its always so much fun to look at the Oscar fashions! While we cannot afford to and don't have the opportunity to wear or imitate any of these dresses, it is still extremely aesthetically pleasing to one's eye to look at admire.