In repsonse to a condescending comment

It has come to this blog's authors' notice that someone had commented the following about our site: "Your obssesion with capitalism is diabolic."



Of, concerning, or characteristic of the devil; satanic.

Appropriate to a devil, especially in degree of wickedness or cruelty.

This comment is rude and just shows what how close-minded some people are. We would like to respond the following points:

  • Capitalism is one of the most important basis that most societies nowadays are built on. If you can't accept capitalism, then you are welcome to continue to hide in your hermit lair, or even better, move to a socialist country like North Korea.
  • Retail industry is one of the most important industry in the economy. A huge percentage of the people employed works in the retail industry, and without it, well, you can imagine how high the unemployment rate would be. The same applies to the fashion and beauty industry.
  • Having suffered from the Asian Financial Crisis, Hong Kong has finally been making steady economic recovery thanks to the Chinese government relaxing polocies so more mainland Chinese can go to Hong Kong to shop! (Mainland Chinese love to go to Hong Kong to buy gold, jewelery, cosmetics and fashion etc.)
  • China, the center of socialism, wouldn't be the biggest rising economic power in the world if they hadn't opened up to capitalism. With their open market policies, they have attracted many foreign investments to manufacture there, like Gucci, Levi's and IBM to name a few.
  • And if after so many points, you still cannot accept capitalism in our world, then you are welcome to stop shopping and share your possessions like socialists do. But we sincerely hope that you will embrace the modern framework of our society and join us in the twenty first century.
  • Most importantly everyone has different interests and hobbies, fashion just happens to be ours. And this blog should not be taken to reflect the society as a whole.

And to end this on a light note, we would like to remind you all that we still LOVE getting comments *hint hint* (and yes, we are both studying economics related courses)!


Barneys Girl and Harrods Girl