London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2005

We just had to remind everyone that this week is going to be the London Fashion Week, held at Battersea Park in London. The fashion shows run from Feb 13 to 17. London collections are always worth noticing because of their individualness, and that they seem less commercialised than fellow American collections.

Also, London fashion weekend will be held from Feb 17 to 20. For those unfamiliar, London fashion weekend is an event during which you need to purchase a ticket (10-15 pounds) to enter, and you get to admire the sacred venue of the fashion week.
"This fantastic event is London’s ultimate designer shopping experience with over 100 London Fashion Week designers selling their collections at fantastically reduced can find high-end designer fashion at exceptional prices, enjoy a day of pampering..."

This year, being my first time being anywhere near a fashion week venue, means that I MUST attend London Fashion Weekend and have a look around. Hopefully, I will even find a few bargains, especially since I desperately need a bag.