Nicole Richie and Julie Cooper?

What would Nicole Richie and Julie Cooper (from the OC, otherwise known as Melinda Clarke) have in common? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, and there are two of them below:

In case you missed the obvious, they look remarkably alike, from their hairstyle to their very distinct and confident gaze. Julie Cooper is practically what Nicole Richie would look like in 10 years time. In fact, they would so remarkably alike, it makes one wonder if they share the same plastic surgeon. You know how they say everyone leaves a distinct mark or style on everything they do?

Incidentally, Harrods girl and I would like to once again put our stamp of approval on Nicole Richie's new look and sense of style. This outfit she wore for the Grammys is defintely a vast improvement. In fact she comes close to being one of the more well-dressed people at the Grammys. . .