Kate Moss: Model of Imperfection

'She is a celebrity, a fashion icon, a muse, a princess...' - Katherine Kendall
I'm not sure how many readers here actually like or even care about Kate Moss, (but if you don't know who Kate is, then you have seriously lost touch with the fashion world,) enough to buy and read a book on her. After MUCH anticipation, I (a huge fan of Kate's,) had finally read the only biography ever published about her, called Kate Moss: Model of Imperfection.

Model of Imperfection brings you through Kate's modelling career and scandals. The book starts with a detailed description's of Kate's famous encounter with Sarah Doukas, (who later became her agent and founder of Storm Models,) at the JFK International Airport in New York. Kate was only 14 when she started to get small modelling assignments. The book then brings you through Kate's modelling career: Kate got her first big break when she was featured on The Face's "Third Summer of Love" July 1990 cover. Then, she he got her second big break when she was featured in a series of Calvin Klein ads in the early 90s. Kate was the only model from the 1980s who managed to still be going strong through the 90s. Even now, she has long term contracts with Burberry and Rimmel cosmetics. The book ends by talking about Kate's nine covers (created by different photographers,) for W magazine in September 2003, issue named "The Triumphant Return of a Superstar".

Another important aspect of this book is probably the writing on Kate's scandals, gossips and boyfriends. She was indeed in the tabloids all the time, especially for her anoreic-like frame, her four year relationship with Johnny Depp and her stay in rehab.

The author of Model of Imperfection, Katherine Kendall, is the Webmaster of kate*site, (the Internet's largest visual archive dedicated to the supermodel,) which shows why she had extensive knowledge on the model.

Admittingly, I was a bit disappointed with the book: it was short and lacked much unknown information, (maybe my expectations were just too high?). Even the photos featured in the books were of poor choice and unreprentative to her career. But despite poor reviews on this book, (I was not the only one disappointed,) all fans must get this book. I mean, where else can you find such a complete collection of information on this fascinating figure?

Kate was the controversial star of the fashion world, and the most unique model of our time, especially for her unusual five foot seven height. She is the ultimate unsuper model, who supered them all.

Kate: The Kate Moss book is the only book that Kate has published herself. Published in 1995, it contains many excellent photographs (that she chose) of herself before she was 21. Unfortunately, the book is now out of print and even a used copy is super expensive. (*sniff*, I want it!) We will all be waiting for the day when Kate decides to publish another book.