Urban Outfitters SS07

I used to LOVE Urban Outfitters. I'd go there everytime I go downtown, just in case I missed something the last time I went or something I had my eye on was on sale. But now I find myself going to UO less and less. I don't even have their online catalog memorized anymore! So I thought I'd pick a few to analyze- and no I did not delibrately pick ones that I thought were hideous.

I think I would've found these two camis pretty. They're feminine and pretty. But I just don't see it fitting very well into my current wardrobe! More cutesy camis that would be good for mix and match. But now that I know UO better, I can tell from here that the quality of these are probably not too good and may potentially look cheap. So is it still worth almost $30? Moreover, is this really the look we're looking for?

Cool bold tees. I guess these are alright for casual wear. I rather like the grey one actually, a decent attempt at the oversized tshirt thing.

Jackets! I have mixed feelings. I like the way the striped one looks on the model, but with the thin material and all, would it look chic or cheap on us normal mortals? But I DO like that cropped jacket on the right. Although I'm not sure if its worth $48, if I can get a better one by waiting a bit and paying a tiny bit more. . .

Classics. Am loving the simple design. Although again, the material? Not so sure.

More classic bottoms. I rather like the style of these flare skirt and wide legged denims. Although beware the skirt is probably made of a flimsier material than you think.
An example of getting it right and wrong. The red one is soo off. But I think the one on the right is . . well right. Could potentially be cute and this season actually! These two are pretty, but waaay too bohemian chic for me.

So what do you think? Is it just me? Am I growing out of Urban Outfitters or are their designs too bohemian and off for the current season?