Underwear. Not only fashion but healthy!

There’s nothing like good underwear, is there? Comfortable, nice-fitting undergarments can make the whole day go better. The problem is that what’s comfortable isn’t always the most attractive choice for feeling sexy. And sometimes, what our partners want us to wear can put more than our comfort at risk. Barely-there undies can have real repercussions on our sexual health.

I always say that the rule when it comes to thongs is this: Anything with a string is for special occasions only. The same goes for shiny, inflexible fabric. While these design features work great for increasing the heat inside the bedroom, they also increase the heat that’s on your genitals! Fabric that doesn’t move or breathe creates an environment that breeds bacteria and infection. Strings or other parts that chafe can cause irritation (and transport bacteria from one part to another, know what I mean?).

However, there can be a happy medium between this and your cotton bloomers. Good underwear can be pretty, too. Just check out the Hanky Panky line of colorful, lace thongs and panties or the Lisa Masterson. The key is that the fabric moves with you and all styles have cotton crotches, with no strings attached!