London Fashion Week FW07 Wrapup II

Sorry this post is so late people. I just got back from Barcelona and my first priority was to watch the new episode of Grey's Anatomy (SO touching -Derek was amazing; Cristina too. Who can't wait for next week?). So ya, I haven't really had a chance to look through all the collections, but I did look at Marc by Marc Jacobs, afterall how could I not?

Christopher Kane
His SS07 collection was amazing, esp since it was his debut show, so it was no surprise the buzz around this show was larger than the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. I remember when I first saw the SS07 clothes, I was like err, colourful and pretty, but how is anyone going to wear it in real life? But that collection has slowly grown on me in the past few months and I think it's mega-pretty. Now onto Kane's new FW07 collection: It was good, yes, but frankly, I was a bit disappointed. Maybe because this collection was less colourful (which I have come to associate with Kane), and I just didn't like the combination of some of the fabrics, colours and design. But anyways, here are some that I liked:
The dress on the left is fantastic in a catwalk sense, but that orangey jacket on the right? Seriously?
There were more styles in this collection than the last one.
And more dresses.
Marc by Marc Jacobs
One of the shows I most look out for each season (mainly becaues it's relatively affordable). This collection was typical Marc by Marc Jacobs -cute and youthfully styled, which is why even though it wasn't a directional collection, I still liked it, most of it. Sometimes, I think observing and learning styling techniques in Marc's shows is even more fascinating than the clothes.
Really like that coat (left.) And see that outfit on the right? There's a bit of the ladylike-style as seen in the Marc Jacobs show last week. Ooo, and see the white shoes in the middle, I want them! They're supposed to be ice-skating-inspired shoes.
Hemlines are high again. Girly girly girly.
These feel like a continuation of the FW06 collection in terms of the colour theme. Grey and navy are still prominent. And take note of the long gloves.
I love the artist look on Sasha (left,) and the dress on the right is an adoarable interpretation of the Balenciaga and ballerina style.
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