Milan Fashion Week FW07 Wrapup I

It's Milan time! While I don't care for all the collections shown in Milan, there are (exactly) five shows that I do look foward to each time.
The show that I look most foward to in Milan. I haven't seen something so fresh on the runway for so long, (granted, I've only been into fashion for a few years.) This collection makes one feel so many things, so many that I don't know how to describe this collection. It's simple, yet not so (in terms of fabric); it's not flashy, but it is still so strangely glamorous at the same time; it's a FW collection, but the colours were so fresh it felt like a SS collection; with the sober tailoring and expensive material, it's grown-up, but with the laminating colour flashes and knee-high socks, it seemed young. Can we say genius?
Simple, elegant grown-up clothes.
Weird fluffy, shaggy material jacket. And look, bright mustard yellow socks!
Solid blocks of colours -is that very 90's? Plus, the outfit with the coat without sleeves on the right -unsexy yet glamorous.
Look at the dress on Sasha (middle) -it looks like an ordinary black dress, but the skirt section is made of a different material as the top part. Plus, I really want that hat! Tada, Miuccia is already sporting her FW07 vision.
Miuccia Prada said, "simple and strange"; Suzy Menkes said, "Prada vision light year ahead". Loves it.
I have to say, the key designers have really been surprising me this season in terms of colours and direction. This Burberry collection was a departure from the previous ones. It's so dark, elegantly edgy and slightly severe. I mean, I usually associate Burberry with older rich people who favour pretty, somewhat fashionable and elegant designs. Not that this collection isn't elegant -it is -but it's just darker than one would imagine. I like dark things, so I like this collection, but what do the normal Burberry fans think?
Dark, somewhat shiny coats of many varieties, including parkas. A-line silhouette created with above-knee dresses or coats and belts.
Tights with ankle boots continue to rock next FW.
I really like these edgy-feeling, pretty, knee-high dresses. The elbow gloves make the outfit look even more edgy sleek.
Hmm, I'm not much of a D&G fan, but it's always fun to look at the more youthful collections. This collection is all about leopard prints, leopard prints and leopard prints in a 50's way.
Is it just me or does this collection seem less trashy than the past D&G collections?
The colour palette was quite neatrual -black, cream, gold, red and err, leopard prints.
Observe the HUGE bag (in the right photo).
What did you think of these collections? Can't wait to see more from Milan!
Photo sources:, Elle