New York FW07 Fashion Week Wrapup I

Fun! It's fashion weeks again.

Marc Jacobs

I really don't know what to think about this Marc Jacobs collection. It's so... different and grown up. I mean, I know Marc Jacobs' main line is meant to be for grown-ups and all, but this is really different. The main difference is probably the silhouette -it's much narrower than the previous one, (probably because Marc slimmed down himself.)

The obvious standout accessory of the show -the hat.

I haven't studied fashion history before, so I can't be certain, but this collection reminds me of YSL decades back. And some pieces reminded me of Prada's SS07 collection.

This collection doesn't seem quite as girly as the past collections, except maybe for the sophisticated-looking ribbons at the end.

Diane von Furstenburg

I've never quite appreciated DvF until last year. This collection of DvF seemed again, a bit different from her previous work. There were almost no wrap-dresses, but there were a lot more of other types of dresses. Like her last few collections, there were a lot of bold colours.

There was a continuation of this season's black and grey trend.

Lisa Cant (middle) in the silver dress... wow.

Lots and lots of pretty, yet modern cocktail dresses.

While DKNY isn't exactly a large or influential show, I do like that it's more relateable than other big brands because it's for the young crowd. The fashion wasn't ground-breaking or anything, but there were a lot of wearable pieces.

This collection is all about doing the grown-up looks in a hip, cool way.

I really like the silk dress in the middle. And that coat on the left is so girly -I want!

Photos credit: Marcio Madeira and