Bobbi Brown: Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Today, in an attempt to get my brows plucked (where I come from, BB has an absolutely fabulous eyebrow plucking service), I accidentally landed a make-up consultation at Bobbi Brown. So not only did I get my brows plucked, but I also got make-up done. And that led me to the discovery of the most awesome eyeliner: the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner.
I must admit, as much as we all swear by the MAC pencil eyeliner (which goes on super smoothly), it still smudges and just goes away in a hour or two for me. Plus, its really hard to line the top lids, without it looking too obvious. So I was amazed when the very nice lady at the counter convinced me to this eyeliner. I thought it would be hard since its liquid and everything (and really, my make-up application skills are abysmal), but turns out its super easy.

Using the ultra thin eyeliner brush, we dipped it into the gel (black ink color), dabbed it onto tissue paper and just gently brushed it onto the roots of our lashes-not the fleshy bits as I'd originally thought. First from below the lashes (lifting the lids a bit) and then on the top. Then we blended and smudged the top line with dark eye shadow. And ta-da the eye liner is seamlessly blended and my eyes looked big and defined. This gel eyeliner is just fabulous.

In case you are interested, they also added a dark shade on the contours, pale pink blush (which is now on my list of wants, because since its sheer, it doesn't look too unnaturally pink at all. It looks really nice and pretty), shimmer brick all over (also getting close to be on my list, because the shimmer adds a nice touch. Although I think I'll shop around more for this) and this under eye highlighter thing (which intrigues me, so I'm going to look more into this and compare the effects of this and the Benefit eye highlighter thing). Aw. . .make-up is SO much fun!