SS07 Trend: Permenant Hair Straightening

Straight hair was all the rage in the SS07 runway shows and the uber glamourous Oscars. Now we all know that the models and celebs have professional hair stylist straightening their hair with brushes and straighteners. But how could normal people like us get such perfect straight hair? Most people would buy hair straighteners, like the much-beloved T3. But we also know that using hair straighteners all the time (admit it- so many people are guilty of this!) is not great for your hair. OK so my point is, here's another idea: permenant hair straightening.
Japanese negative ionic hair striaghtening (don't know the proper name) was very popular back around seven years ago. I did it twice, once when I was fifteen and the once when I was sixteen. I loved it -it made my hair seriously shiny, easy to manage, there were never knots (believe me my hair was long), and my hair looked perfectly blew-dry 24/7. And to my surprise, the hair striaghtening didn't seem to dry out my hair (I almost never found split ends.) Oh how I miss those days. The only disadvantage was that during the first month, my hair looked dead -shiny, but limp. Thankfully, my hair got more volume after it grew out a bit.

How long did the straightened hair last? It depends how much of the straightened hair you cut off. For example for my second time, I didn't get a proper hair cut (I just trimmed it myself) for two years, and so my hair looked somewhat naturally straight for that second year.
However, here's just a little warning: some people may have side effects. I have a friend who got her hair striaghtened and some of her hair fell off. But I also had another friend whose hair was originally wavy, had a wonderful time with straightened and frizz-free hair for eight months.

Anyone planning to have fun with this straightened hair trend this spring/summer? And if you've had permenantly straightened hair before, did you have a good or bad experience?
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