Smashbox O-Glow

So they did a very successful advertising campaign for this product, because after seeing the ad in both Allure and the Sephora catalog, I had the sudden urge to go out and get it- immediately!

But of course, being the rational shopper that I am (mostly anyway), I did have the presence of mine to try it out first. So just in case you haven't seen the ads, this product reacts with the moisture of your skin and creates a microcirculatory effect that produces a natural rosy flush- natural being the key word here. Nevermind the universal Orgasm blush shade from Nars, this one IS your color! This is so awesome because I never know what color to buy, with this product, its hard to go wrong. Wow, now I sound like their ad campaign.

But anyway, so I tried it on top of foundation and POOF I'm flushed! Its kind of scary at first because it comes out clear and turns into a hot pink shade once in contact with your skin, but after you blend it in that it turns into your natural shade. And just to see that it actually IS a different shade for everyone, I made my friend, who is slightly more tanned then me, try it too. Indeed, her natural blush is out. And in case you are wondering how we know it is our natural blush, we actually tried the blush on one cheek first, made each other flush naturally and compared :P LOL, the things we do to procrastinate during finals. . . .