The Problem with the Drape Neck

Recently in the Ralph Lauren sale, I acquired this completely exquisite cable drape neck cashmere sweater for a very good bargain. And trust me, it truly feels exquisite. It looks great too.The only problem is that while the drape neck looks great and has an interesting twist compared to other classic styled sweaters, it is the devil to match it. I'm not sure about you, but I wear cashmere in cold weathers. And in cold weathers I usually wear a jacket over my sweaters to keep warm.

Unfortunately, with this drape neck, nothing looks good over it. If you wear a big coat over it, the drape neck creates a big bulge in your chest area that creates a terribly unflattering silohuette. If you wear it with a blazer or something and let the drape neck hang out, it looks strange. So the only way to wear it really is on its own. But when the weather is warm enough that I feel I can safely walk out with just a sweater on, this cashmere sweater is too warm.

So this style is actually quite a pain and I'm still trying to figure out how to wear it right. Ideas?