H&M M by Madonna

Having personally been unimpressed by the last few designer for H&M collections, I didn't really have much expectations of this M by Madonna collection either. I was only vaguely aware that it was even coming out this week! But then while shopping with my cousin at the new H&M store in HK (you will not believe what a crowd it was-and still is) I came across the collection and so took a look. And boy was I surprised. I actually LIKE the collection! Its simple, chic, elegant and totally wearable.

While people have complained that this is a boring and safe collection, I personally think that this is the best way to do it. For even though the previous designer collections have been adventurous and exciting, you ultimately cannot cheaply mass produce such garments without compromising the quality. At least with this collection, since the designs are so classic, there is less room to go wrong.
The classic white trench looks gorgeous. But alas, its such a hot item I did not see it at the store.
But mostly I am just loving the office looks from this collection. They are so simple, put-together yet very sexy and chic.
I adore these two all over white look.
And I absolutely LOVE this dress (left). I saw it in white, tried it on and it looked great and fitted BEAUTIFULLY. I almost even bought it, but alas, I didn't have anywhere to wear it to. For something more casual, the shirt dress on the right is also a great option.
For pattern, these two dresses are sophisticated and classy.
And THESE are the belts i've been looking for. Simple and versatile with just the right amount of detail and width- I'd like one of each please!

The best thing I like about this collection is that it doesn't look cheap. I'd wear everything I've just posted. My only concern now is that since its so widely publicized and sold, do I really want to risk clashing with every other girl on the street. . . . . .