Chloe's Bay Bag

Months ago, BG wrote about Chloe's SS07 bags. Back then, I wasn't yet into anything SS07 nor have I seen any of the bags so I didn't pay too much attention to them. Now that we're starting SS07, I'm very into all bags SS07.
When Chloe's Bay bag arrived at, I stared at it for awhile and it grew on me. It's practical, girly and chic. Plus it's by Chloe, which usually means the leather is gorgeous. There are two versions, the first one is this quilted version, which is more lady-like and sophisticated.
The second version here is a bit more androgynous but equally chic.
Then as expected, we started seeing it carried by celebs. Mischa Barton totally had me convinced that the Bay is gorgeous and fab for all ages. I mean seriously, doesn't it look so cool on her?
But then Britney Spears started carrying it last week and honestly, it really doesn't look good on her. It's probably also because I don't associate her with good taste, (although I admittingly still love some of her old songs.)

But of course, as a fashion-lover, I'm certainly not basing my love/hate decision on photos of Mischa and Britney so I checked it out at Lane Crawford (a HK department store) yesterday and well, the bag was definitely bigger, and the material odder than I imagined it. What I mean is, the leather didn't seem like the usual soft Chloe leather; the leather seemed a bit thin and crinkled in an ugly way (unlike the beautiful crinkleness on Balenciaga bags.)

So the truth is, I'm a bit disappointed. My almost-non-existant optimistic side tells me that maybe, it just happens that those Bay bags I saw were over-tried-on by customers, or maybe it's just the lighting, so I'm going to look out for them again next time I go shopping. Maybe they will look better.
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