Spring/Summer 2005 Throw-Aways

With so many media and fashion houses telling you what is in style, it seems you are never informed of what is out of style. Yes, we understand you spent a fortune last season, and the seasons before, buying whatever was in style, but fashion is fickle, and you don't want to be one of those sad people wearing out-of-season outfits, *gasp*, think of the horror! No fears, we will save you from any untrendy humiliations! Here are some must-throw-away items that designers have said for this season:

John Galliano (for Christian Dior) says: ditch the pearls.

I have been waiting for ages for someone, or something to say that out loud. For the fashion-foward people, pearls started regaining high-fashion status two years ago, (approximately Winter 2003.) But typical consumers only just caught up with the pearl trend in Summer & Winter 2004, (and some people are still buying them!) So stop buying those fake pearls in the mall- even if they are on super sale!

Giorgio Armani (for Emporio and Giorgio Armani) says: ditch anything dark.

I only partially agree with this. I completely agree that we should be focusing on bright and colorful outfits- for all day wear and most night wear, but some dark items are still great for evening wear. And seriously, have you ever seen Giorgio Armani in anything not black?

Stella McCartney (for her own line) says: ditch fur.

Oh, suprise suprise. Didn't we see that coming. For those who don't know, Stella McCartney is an active animal activist. In 2000, she turned down the offer to design for, *gasp*, Gucci, because it would require her to work with leather. Oh, and did we mention she had also made a video against Fur Fashion Week in 1998 together with PeTA. (PeTA is that organisation that does annoying stunts, campaigning for all designers to stop using fur. And gees, why doesn't anyone protest for us to stop using snake skin?) So ya, ditch fur - really, why not? It's going to get hot soon anyways.

Christopher Bailey (for Burberry) says: ditch tights and stockings.

Again, another obvious thing to ditch in the coming season.

Betty Jackson (for her own line) says: ditch pencil skirts.

Pencil skirts are highly boring, old-tradition and extremely unflattering. They have the alarming ability to make you look ten years older than your real age. Wear it at your own risk.

Suzanne Clements (for Clements Ribeiro) says: ditch glitzy embellishment.

If you are thinking 'I thought glitzy was in style', then you are not completely out of trend, yet. This coming season calls for nature-looking accessories, such as wooden and crafty jewelry, as mentioned in earlier posts. So if you have glitzy accessories and clothing you have not yet worn, then wear it now! (While we are still in Fall/Winter 2004!)

Dolce & Gabbana (for their own lines) says: don't ditch anything- it will come back sooner or later.

While there is an element of truth in their wisdom, I must warn readers that this only holds true for people who are filthy rich and have lots of free space to store clothing. If you are a normal person like we are, then you should definately keep the classical-looking items, and all expensive items. Otherwise, give them away to charity shops. Besides, do you really think you would want to wear something that you have owned for fourty years?