Kate Moss for Burberry Prorsum

I was so excited to see the new Burberry Prorsum advertisement in the March issue of InStyle. The advertisement features Kate Moss, my other all-time favourite model! She had recently turned 31, and she still looked great in the new Burberry Prorsum campaign.

Kate Moss is obviously the perfect choice to be featured in the new Burberry Prorsum ads, since the first thing you relate Kate Moss to is usually along the lines of 'British', 'classy and stylish.' Also, it seems as if Kate has been featured in most Burberry campaigns in the past decade. Oh, and probably the most importantly, Kate is Burberry's muse.

From the first picture, you can see that Burberry has obviously decided to mix old-style Burberry together with new-style Burberry, to form a modern, and yet still classy looking English line. Here, Kate Moss is wearing a light, spring/summer dress, and is wearing a seemingly metallic cardigan over it. She has very natural make-up on, and is wearing 6-inch heels.

The theme of springtime Burberry being in the countryside, (picture a perfect picnic day with super green grass.) Here is another photo from the campaign:

Traditionally, Burberry usually focuses on its Burberry check designs as its main campaign. Burberry Prorsum never got much success, as the clothes were too conceptual to be popular, yet not intelligent enough to gain underground support. For the coming season of Spring/ Summer 2005, Burberry had already delivered a well-recieved fashion show for Burberry Prorsum, and is now focusing its campaign efforts on this line.

Here are a few favourites from Burberry Prorsum for Spring/ Summer 2005:

THE trench coat featured in every magazine this season.

This outfit is wonderful pale yellow cardigan makes it classy, and the metallic skirt makes it modern. A great example of the newly focussed Burberry Prorsum line.

As mentioned in the last photo, but this one in this season's IT color, blue. She is also wearing a spring trenchcoat, and carrying a classy hobo bag.

This is the exact same outfit as the one Kate Moss is wearing in the ad. It is the perfect outfit for a posh lady to wear to a garden tea party.

Although this dress has an uncanny resemblance to Chloe's dresses, it actually is different from Chloe's. Notice the cutting and style of the lower half of the dress. It focuses on creating volume, and this
feature is also seen in other Burberry dresses this season, such as
this one.