My fashion resolutions

Ah, it's the time of the year when we write our New Year's resolution- Yes, the ones we promise ourselves we will keep. I'm obviously not going to tell you all my resolutions, but I will let you sneak peak the fashion related ones.

I resolve to...

  1. Buy at least two brand-named bags, esp. the monogrammed ones. I haven't bought any labelled bags since the Gucci one I got in August, and am feeling pretty deprived at the moment.
  2. Attempt not to squeal in excitement at the sight (or inside) of certain department stores. (Of course I'm referring to Harrods, Harvey Nicols, Selfridges, Lane Crawford and Neiman Marcus- who jumps in joy for Macy's and outlets?) Or try to squeal very, very quietly.
  3. Dress nicer and drape myself in brand named outfits for shopping sprees. I love the feeling when salespeople treat me as a human being and offer to get me stuff. Don't tell me you haven't noticed the way salespeople treat well-dressed shoppers!
  4. Finish reading Shopaholic & Sister ASAP. - One resolution that will definately be kept. I mean, who could not love Becky Bloomwood's fabulous obsession for clothes. The first chapter is already fascinating itself.
  5. NOT wander around the shops behind my university after lectures. - At least no more than once a week, I mean, Urban Outfitters does get new stock quite often and I wouldn't want to get overwhelmed by seeing too many new products at once.

And although this has nothing to do with my resolutions, since I can obviously not afford it, I just cannot resist posting a picture of the new Bottega Veneta bag I stare at everyday:

6. Stop staring at gorgeous bags and shoes on the Internet. There are definately better things to do in life.