Happy Birthday, Mischa!

Barneys Girl and I want to say happy birthday to Mischa Barton! It is her 19th birthday today(although she looks more mature than 19.) Both of us love Mischa, whether as an actress or a fashion inspiration. We envy her tall & slim body, and even more so, her expensive, fashion-foward wardrobe. We hope that she will continue to:

  • Attend functions looking effortlessly gorgeous.
  • Walk around town with her boyfriend, Brandon Davis, wearing trendy, casual outfits, and matching them with her typical Chanel bags.
  • Grace magazine covers and editorials in magazines nationwide.
  • Look and smile pretty in The OC. And to successfully act Marrissa Cooper out as the rich, screwed up girl, which we think she is brilliant at.

Mischa in The Golden Globes Award 2005 last weekend.

Mischa and Brandon attending the Mercedes-Benz DesignCure party in Los Angeles in 2004.

Mischa attended a 2004 Oscars party in this light golden dress. Her ankle boots add to the chic-ness of this look.

Mischa taking a morning stroll in Dec. 2004. She is wearing Miss Sixty jeans here. See what I mean by trendy outfits with beautiful bags?

Mischa featured as one of the 100 Most Beautiful Woman in 2004. And indeed, we agree with People magazine.

Mischa in The OC Season 2 Promo photos, wearing a Matthew Williamson Dress.

Mischa spendt her Christmas & New Year holidays in Hawaii with Brandon. Notice that she is wearing a Bohemian Luxe style outfit. The colors are bright and the material is loose and flowing. Of course, being Mischa Barton, there is no saying to how expensive her holiday outfit would cost. But we applaud her for her fabulous fashion sense.