Scarves For Now

Ever since the Balenciaga FW07 show, I've been paying more attention to people's scarves rather than their bags.
OK, it's unfortunate I used Beckham as an example here, but these scarves are pretty unisex.
These look like heavy (warm) scarves, but I like them so I posted them here too. I really like Kirsten's purple and blue one, (but perhaps not the best outfit to match with.)
It is getting a bit warm to wear big, thick scarves, but it may be the perfect time to wear light scarves. Plus scarves are a great and practical way to add some colour to our mostly grey, black and white outfits (at least mines' are.)
These are from Urban Outfitters. They look really similar (or the same?) to the ones Beckham and Kirsten has on. My only question is, how the heck do you style the scarf that way?
A plaid one from Urban Outfitters. At the moment, these are definitely cooler than the Burberry signature scarves. (Although the Burberry ones are really winter rather than spring scarves.)
Here are two light, fun ones from Top Shop. The white one is great if you've got a colourful outfit on, and the printed one is just fun to accessorise with.