Casual Tees for Spring!

First of all, I'd like to make an important announcement (which is so important we decided to reiterate it on our side bar!). As most of you know by now, since forever, we've been blogging from mon-saturday every week (give or take a few hours). But because of upcoming finals and all (HG is having her end of year finals, one of those UK uni ones where they accumulate everything they've taught in the last year into one big exam at the end- *shiver* I'm so glad I follow the US system) our blogging schedule is going to be temporarily changed to tue/thu/sat until the week of June 11th 2007, with a few extra blogs thrown in should time allow. After that, we promise we will be back on schedule with even more of our rantings and observations on fashion and life in general!

So anyways, back onto today's topic. Now that spring has finally arrived, I was digging through my spring/summer wardrobe I have here in Chicago and realised that I had a serious lack in casual tees. Especially those that didn't have "Abercrombie" emblazoned all over it. Now here is one of those times when I ask myself- WHAT was I thinking?

Why, from the whole A&F store, did I not choose something more discreet and versatile like this tank and this henley?
Or even better some pretty tops that don't say Abercrombie at all, but are just casual and cute. If only I can get my money back on those tees and get these instead.
I really can do with more simple but pretty tops this spring/summer, like these two from Express. I was looking for a top to go with my summer skirts this weekend, and these two with their neutral colors and simple but girly designs would've been perfect!
A pretty laced tank with contrasting colors, such as this one (left) from American Eagle would be great too- oh wait, I already have something very similar from Coco and Mimi last year and I wear it all the time. LOL. Or you can go just go with a simple plain tank, like this one from J Crew (right). To make it fun, try layering tanks of fun, bright, summery, neon colors with more neutral colored tanks.

With everything going loose these days, a simple loosely fitted tee, like this one (left) from American Eagle may be all you need. For a bit more style and fit, try this empire waist tee with flirty sleeves from Forever 21(right).

More loosely fitted bubbly tees from FCUK (left) and Urban Outfitters (right). I am LOVING the look of the FCUK one. Oh and these simple scooped neck tees would be the perfect complement to wear those funky loud necklaces HG was talking about the other day.
And just to conclude, we have these classic graphic tees, which I am absolutely LOVING from J Crew. They are cute with graphics on them in such a way that are not overly loud or obscene. You can wear by itself or with a fun jacket/skirt and not have to worry about patterns clashing and such.

I definitely need to go shopping this weekend to check all these out for real!