The Softest Tees II: Clu

Yesterday, I mentioned there were two soft tees brands I love. The first is Splendid, the second one is Clu. Clu's shirts are so so so soft and light to wear. Clu's shirts usually have some sort of special design to it, but they're still relatively simple shirts. Nice, casual and relaxing. I first learnt of this brand when I went to Barneys NY. Later on at the beginning of fall, I bought a Clu long-sleeved pleated shirt and have been loving this brand ever since.

Clu makes some basic tees, but they're not totally boring. The pink tee comes in many colours, and there are actually ribbed banding around the sleeves and on the back.

These shirts are quite similar to some of the ones by Splendid, but I think Clu pays more attention to details and cuttings. (Again, please do wear pants underneath such tops!)

Doesn't this remind you of a tent? I can't decide whether it's a top or a dress but it sure looks comfy though.

Such sweet, super casual dresses. Both colours give off a summer, relaxed vibe. Looking at the pictures, wearing leggings, boots and pumps with the dresses do make the dress look a less California-ish than if worn with flip-flops -which instantly adds style points.

I LOVE this top. It's so perfectly casual-looking without looking like any old tee. I esp love that silverish grey (left.) It's such a perfect shade. I've been staring at these shirts are quite awhile, (a better alternative to doing econ homework.) Sigh, if only Clu was available in the shops where I live...

Like Splendid, Clu is pretty expensive for a cotton shirt. Actually, Clu is even more expensive than Splendid, but Clu does have more interesting designs. Anyone tried on or love Clu shirts too?

Again, most of the photos are from Go check out more Clu clothes there.