FW06 Trend: Tunics and Smocks

OK, so first of all, those of you lovely readers who cheak in regularly may have noticed that our blogging has been a bit... off, timing wise. Here's what's up with Barney's Girl's and my life: Last weekend, both of us packed up and flew back home to Hong Kong from London and Paris. I arrived home to my newly refurnished home and room, which was piled with everything I own, so I literally had to jump over boxes and stacks of books to get to my bed and desk. So obviously, I've been busy putting everything away and finishing the refurnishing (still lots to finish up on). Today, Lane Crawford's sale (the equivilant of Saks) had just begun so I spent some time doing very important shopping. As for Barney's Girl, she landed in HK on Monday, dumped her luggage home and went straight to the eye doctor, Bobbi Brown counter and hair salon, where I mamanged to catch a quick chat with her for 10 minutes. Then last night, she flew off to Australia for a family vacation. See, we were SO busy that I spent less than half an hour on the Internet in the past few nights, which is just weird for me.

So anyways, onto tunics and smocks. According to British Elle, the definition of smocks is 'a cute, loose shirt that stands away from the body.' I wasn't bothered to check what tunics meant, but I think we can just think of them as long tops (which aren't as loose.) Both tops are long and brilliant to wear with skinny jeans (or mini skirt with full leggings).

Chloe is one of the main reason for the trend. Cute and babydoll-like.

Marc Jacobs is another brand that does such tops, although Marc Jacobs' is darker and not quite as cute.

Tunic by Sunner. Such a fantastic top -you can wear it casually or for a nice night out.

This very casual long vest by Velvet is great for super casual wear. It feels sort of LA-ish. A great way which I've learnt to make tops like this less casual, or simply to add more city-feel is to add a blazer over it. I mean, this must be the reason why designers made so many great cropped jackets and blazers this season -to go with all those long tops!

Top Shop as usual, makes loades of trendy yet affordable tops. I bought this one last week in my Bye-Top-Shop-For-One-Month shopping spree. I love those big buttons and the rib design. It's also another top perfect for me to roll out of bed, put on and run to (enter next desination).

Here's another smock by Top Shop.

Mark and Estel have some very simple, long flowy tees, which are also great for the look. This brand is now relatively known thanks to MKA Olsen wearing shirts by the brand a while ago.

For those who like the trendy, preppy look, wear a mini polo dress with jeans. The one above is by T.

Some of the tops are quite 'flared' so may make you feel like a preganat woman. One way to make this better is to wear a belt around the waist. (The belt should go around the narrowest part of your waist.) The belt will even instantly add style points!