The Softest Tees I: Splendid

I've recently been obsessed with super super super soft tees from the States. In my mind, there are two such brilliant brands, one being Splendid. Last Friday, I went to Selfridges, (the even more stylish than Neiman Marcus department store of the UK) because it was on a 20% off sale, (but I didn't buy anything.) My friend and I stood in the Splendid section just touching the shirts for a few minutes, oohing and ahhing. Seriously, they're so smooth and soft. I would have tried them on, but Selfridges only stocked the boring-looking tees which I wasn't in the mood for.

As shown by shirts like these, most of the Splendid shirts you will find in department stores are *yawn* boring. But they're great if you're just looking for really plain tees.

One thing my friend did complain about is that these tees are quite hard for non-super-skinny people to wear because they're quite body-fitting.

Don't these tees look nice and comfy. So perfect for lazy people like me. One could just roll out of bed, slip one on and run to class.

Ooo... I love this top. I'm showing it in both colours because while olive is not a particularly loveable colour, black just doesn't fully show the cut of the top. The tee has got that not-body-tight comfort while still being a nice, simple tee.

Another top I really like, although maybe preferably without the hoody. These kind of tops which come down to the hips are perfect for skinny jeans. In the picture, the model wears it with leggings and it somehow reminds me of a stylish Peter Pan. In real life though, please wear skinny jeans underneath!

One thing to keep in mind though, is that these shirts are more expensive than your typical plain tee. But I think owning one or two classic ones is worth it. You seriously can't appreciate these lovely tees until you feel or own one, and wear them over and over again.

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