Cacharel Spring/Summer 2005

To bring you all back to THIS season, *ahem, we're still in Spring/Summer 2005 honey,* we will continue to educate you on the trends this season. And it is also one of our high-up missions to introduce you to smaller or even unknown brands, as dressing unique is oh-so-important nowadays, (except in most of California of course.)

Anyways, I was window-shopping (sadly,) in Selfridges and Urban Outfitters after my job interview yesterday, and I noticed that Cacharel this season is boho gorgeous!! The items are colorful and makes great use of patterns. Here is the top that totally caught my eye and got me staring:

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The beads which form the straps are detail-orientated, and makes this top very unique.

Another beautiful item from this season, the prints of the dress is so pretty that you simply can't not want it.
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This season, Cachcarel focuses mainly on African-related prints. You will see that Cacharel totally has the ethnic bohemain trend down to perfection. Here are a few other of my favourites off the Cacharel catwalk Spring/Summer 2005:
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Even if you can't afford Cacharel, (like we can't,) you can view more of this pretty collection at (Pls select open in new window.)

Besides, there is simply no way that you not know about Cacharel this season, especially since the British IT model, Lily Cole, is doing the campaign.

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