Haute Couture F/W08 II

Christian Dior
After a few of you mentioned how much you loved the Dior haute couture collection in your comments from the last post, I checked it out and agreed with you all -the Dior F/W08 haute couture collection is indeed fabulous! For the past few seasons, the collections have all sort of blended together and all I could remember about them are huge, colourful, extravagant dresses.

But this season, the silhouettes and use of different fabrics have really added something extra to the outfits. I LOVE the juxtaposition of the textures: strong, structured and solid on top, and soft, feminine and flowing at the bottom.

These are such a modern and gorgeous twist to the typical dress-suit and lunch suit.

And even more dress suits for the ladies-who-lunch. I don't believe I've like lunch suits this much before!

This is one of the few times I can actually say I like the use of animal prints -it's so elegant and untrashy. And even though I imagine it wouldn't be comfortable wearing a see through skirt, I love this interpretation of the LBD.

Such ladylike dresses. Imagine riding and getting off horse carriages in these dresses -ok, maybe I've just been visiting too many palaces in my recent travelling.

Gorgeous, GORGEOUS party dresses. In my dreams of attending formal parties, I will be wearing these dresses this season.
There were a few really extravagant big white dresses (-presumably wedding gowns for the rich and fabulous) and this one was my favourite. It's like a fusion of the long, slim dress and the big, puffy dress. Loves it!

It's not Dior haute couture by John Galliano without an art piece-looking dress.
OK, I was going to write more about Valentino, but the fabulousness of the Dior collection totally distracted me and used up my enthusiasm for this season's haute couture collection. That said, the new eggy and space age shapes used by Alessandra Facchinetti really added a dose of youth to Valentino's feminine, romantic dresses.

Image Credit: http://www.style.com/