White Eye Liners

So now that it is the end of SS07 (where did my summer go?), I finally got around to testing out the white eye liners on the market, following the white eye liner trend this season. And judging from the recent catwalk shows, I'd say that finding a good one would be a good long term investment.
First I tried the white Mac eye liner, since I loved the black one so much. The effect was... not that impressive. The thing with white is that it doesn't go on as easily and smoothly as black does, but then you don't want to apply it too thickly either, because the effect is supposed to be more subtle. Least thats what I'm looking for....and even if you do manage to apply it thinly and well, for me the white always washes after a while.
But then, I tried the YSL long lasting eye pencil in white at the counter just for fun while I was trying out the Touche Eclat- which incidentally is amazing- and whoa. I was blown away by how smooth it went on and after wearing it for a day, how long lasting it actually is! I seriously wore it for a whole day and when I went to "retouch" it before dinner, I was surprised that I didn't need to! The only problem I have with this one is that it is so white that it applies on almost silver, so makes it more nighttime-ish.
For a more natural look, my friend has found the key. She uses a creamy white eye liner part of a duo from Shiseido. It applies smoothly and the creamy white color is very subtle but still very nicely opens up her eyes- perfect for day time! I can't wait to get one of my own next time I pass by the counter!

Image Credit: Mac, YSL and Shiseido