London Fashion Week SS08 Wrapup

Woo it's London Fashion Week! LFW is always more of a fun, just-for-looking week of photos for me, but the clothes are always so young and creative, (though argueably and unfortunately not as practical and commercial.)

Even though I don't remember ever seeing Luella's clothes in real life before, I've always love the Luella vibe -that preppy, punk, fun vibe. This Luella collection, to me, seems very influenced by last season's collections of other designers such as Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs and Prada.

Luella's clothes usually has some really British feeling, like these little flowery prints. I love how she managed to make such otherwise grandmotherly flowery prints look preppy and cool.

And more British preppiness. Isn't it so unfair how the Luella models make huge black spectacles look cool?

The little party dresses are so cute and fun.

Christopher Kane
All I can say is, totally unexpected. Who would have guessed that Kane's new collection would have no tight-fitting, PVC or leather little dresses? This collection is made of lots of light material. I'm still not sure what I think of it. There were some outfits that I liked and some I absolutely hated.
For example, I absolutely hated the snake prints, which was extremely prominent in this collection. Even more ugly than the snake prints are the one pieces that have the snake print plus another type of print, like the middle outfit.
Out of all the outfits, these four outfits were the only ones I liked. I would love the dress on the right (although potentially in another colour.)
The snake print in small doses, like in the dress on the right, actually looks ok and much more tasteful.
Jonathan Saunders
Such clean-cut clothes for a British designer! These dresses would be so great for office, dressy events if you want a bit more than the standard little dress.
Most of the time we really just take black and white clothes for granted. Just take a moment to look at the way the black and white lines are on the dresses, then you can appreciate the design more!
Gosh, I really need to see these clothes in real life. Writing this blog is excellent encouragement for me to go to nice English stores like Selfridges and Brown more!
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