SS07 Trend: Shirt-Dresses

Shirt-dresses have become a summer essential in the past few years. I see it as the less girly version of the other dress trends (like bubble, volume, trapeze, mini or maxi dresses). I've been looking around for one for ages, and even though I still haven't found the perfect one, I've bought one from the Gap (the UK one). It's grey and white striped and it's got rolled-up-looking sleeves. It's not exactly the prettiest or glamorous thing around, but it's super relaxing item to wear and looks decent enough after I add on a thin, white patent belt. Some online finds:

One super 'of the moment' way to wear shirt dresses is to wear them over leggings (left -by Vince). Honestly, without the leggings, some of the shirt dresses can look slightly tacky (-kind of like you just lost your pants,) esp if the shirt dress looks too much like a plain shirt (right -by Splendid).
Another very 'this season' style is gingham/ checker prints. This See by Chloe shirt dress has been quite popular this season.
The Chloe dress (left) is meant for the rich and fabulous when they're out on the beach. The Viktor & Rolf (right) is classic, A-line shirt-dress would sure flatter most body types. Isn't it very 'Charlotte' from Sex and the City?
Here is another A-line shirt-dress. This is a much more youthful design and it's actually affordable, by Lux at Urban Outfitters. (Plus it really shows how much shape belts can provide.)
This pretty, girly one is by Joie. Wearing shirt-dresses with ankle boots (or short boots) is also very this season.
This Rebecca Taylor one is even more girly. I love how it looks so basic on top and when you look down, the flowery slip underneath makes the whole dress look so pretty and feminine. The dress is't very summer-friendly though.
I love this Vanessa Bruno shirt-dress. It's totally got that effortlessly-casual-in-the-city feel to it. (But then again, all of Vanessa Bruno's clothes do.)
When wearing shirt-dresses, I like to think with the attitude of the Stella McCartney shows -you know, that casual, cool, laid-back sort of attitude. Oh, remember to make sure your shirt dress ends above your knees. To make it even more 'this season', have the shirt-dress end mid-thigh.
Photo credit:,,, -Note that I collected these picture from a few months ago, so some of the sites may not sell the dresses shown anymore.