SS07 Trend: Jumpsuits / Playsuits

First off, I don't know the exact name of the garment I'm talking about. Some sites call them jumpsuits (which just reminds me of those orange, jumpsuits from prison,) and other sites call them playsuits (such as Top Shop.) Doesn't matter, I'll just call them jumpsuits here. Actually, they remind me of shirt-dresses, which I just blogged about on Thursday, except jumpsuits' bottoms are shorts instead of skirts. Oops ok I'm rambling...
So the point of this post is me saying eww to jumpsuits. Jumpsuits is a thing that I relate to the 80's, and 80's to me is a decade of somewhat vulgar fashion, (although this really is more of an impression rather than me actually knowing 80's fashion well.) Plus this season's 80's revival of bright colours doesn't help.
I have to admit Nicole Richie makes the jumpsuit look mega-glamorous. (And no, this does not mean I think of her as my role model of any sorts.) I like the black and gold combo.
But I don't know, something about jumpsuits just make me dislike them. For example here, even though I think red silk looks nice on Michelle Trachtenberg, the red jumpsuit makes her look like she's in a flashy exercise video or some disco.
Lindsay looks relaxed and casual here. Maybe the jumpsuits look less tacky during daytime?
Can you blame me for not liking jumpsuits? Check these out. I especially hate jumpsuits that are sporty-looking, like the ones made of terry cloth or the green one in the left picture. Are you going to wear this look this summer?