The Skirt With Origami-Like Folds

For the past two seasons, I've been really liking this kind of look: a dress with a few layers of the skirt bit below, or alternatively, a long top with that kind of skirt. (This dress is by Marc by Marc Jacobs from last season.) This look has moved from high fashion collection to street fashion recently, where most people wear multi-layered skirt/ underdress underneath a long sweater, at least in Asia anyways.
But ever since the Miu Miu S/S07 and Luella S/S08 show, I've been trying to find a mini-skirt with those gorgeous, origami-like folds. I LOVE them! They look so artistic and high-fashion-like, yet still so simple and wearable. For some odd reasons, even though I remember Miu Miu's S/S07 show starting my hunt for this kind of skirts, I can't find a picture of it so here are the Luella ones. I especially love that Batman-inspired look! See how the black miniskirt adds serious style to the outfit? Seriously, those folds are so cute!

Marc Jacobs F/W07 collection also had something similar -a simple, easy-to-wear shift dress with pretty, colourful fold details beneath.

The other day, I was wondering around a Korean shop, which seems to specialise in imitating high fashion clothes, but with a cute, casual twist. Imagine how happy I was when I found this:

Sorry about the poor quality photo -it looked worse with flash, but you get the idea. The upper part is basically dark grey/ almost black, and the folds are two different shades of purple. They had another version in beige and yellow, which I thought was more special but not as easy to wear. I loved it so much I just wore it straight to dinner. Luckily, I was wearing a cute black silk top and red kitten heels for dinner anyways, so they matched perfectly.

Like it or not? Thoughts?