Velvet Torch

All summer long, HG and I have been wondering- where does one go to buy nice cheap but chic dresses to go with all the dress trends that have been so popular recently. I mean, dresses aren't quite the cheapest thing on the menu.
So the other day when I was shopping at Nordstrom on my way to pick up a baby gift, I passed by the Juniors section and saw a number of cute dresses. Intrigued I took a closer look- and found some more really cute looking dresses at a REALLY cheap price ($50's)! Now I know the quality and cutting might not be the same, but since I have a slight frame anyway, I picked up a bunch and gave them a try- and was impressed to find that the fit was quite good- better than Forever 21! After much debating and taking photos of myself in the changing room (the lighting is so bad though), I finally settled on this silver shift dress. I thought it was simple and chic, perfect for dinner and a night out! I spent the longest time trying to decide between silver and gold too. I finally decided on silver because I thought it contrasted with my pale skin tone better and would match my grey boot, but now that I'm home I'm not too sure.....thoughts?
Anyway, that dress was by this brand called Velvet Torch. With a little googling, I found the rest of the collection on the Nordstrom website and thought- wow, not bad at all! These two are my favourite for fall. The black one with the bell sleeves is super cute. And the grey check one is prim and ladylike, with the neckline adding some fun to it.
Cute eyelet dresses. Though these were probably better for summer.
I love the simple cutting of the plain black dress (left). Its great for....all day. And the grey/black dress (right) is just the thing to wear going out during the day.
And then there are these adorable printed dresses.

Sigh, these are so cute! I can't wait to go back when it goes on sale and buy some more. Who knew shopping in the Juniors section could be so fruitful?

Image Source: Nordstrom