Blemish Concealer

10 days ago I made the grave mistake of squeezing a blackhead on my cheeks. You'd think that I'd know by now after reading countless beauty magazines the beauty commandment that thou shalt not squeeze your pimples/blackheads by yourself. But this time I really couldn't resist since it feels like that blackhead has been there forever and no matter how much I exfoliate it didn't look like it was coming out anytime soon. So I gave in- and now I'm still living with the mistake.

I now have a huge red bump on my cheek- after 10 days! :( So I've tried many methods to try to conceal it. I don't want to wear foundation everyday nor use some really heavy concealer that might block my pores even more and make me break out. Here is what I've been through so far...
I first went for my trusty Bare Minerals foundation, using my concealer brush to blend it. The beauty of this of course is that it is minerals so it won't block your pores and cause more pimples AND it absorbs oil so you won't look shiny. The downside though is that the coverage is too sheer (and you cannot use more as otherwise it'll look patchy) the area gets kind of dry and obvious that you're covering up something.
The next thing I used is the Benefit Galactic Shield because the texture is more creamy (less dry and flaky!) AND has salicylic acid to prevent pimples! Except it only has three shades and the coverage is still not that good and looks kind of obvious. Maybe its just me and my lack fo skills?

Clinique just came up with something similar. I'm thinking of trying it.... anyone tried it yet? And any other suggestions for blemish coverage that won't cause more pimples??

Image Source: Sephora