Plastic Surgeon. Brow Lift

A brow lift is wonderful for treating a tired upper face. It can help eliminate droopy eyebrows, forehead lines, and frown lines that come with age. Sometimes a brown lift is combined with a face lift to help eliminate age.

How Is It Done?

Incisions are usually made in the hairline; the cut will extend from ear to ear.
How Long Is The Operation
A brow lift is performed under general anesthesia or under 4 sedation and takes anywhere from two to three hours to be completed. The doctor will close the incision in layers with a deeper subcuticular stitch,which is absorbed by the body, followed by either staples or sutures. Surgeons often opt for staples because they swell along with the tissue, inhibiting any injury to the fine hair follicles of the scalp, thus preventing hair loss along the incision.
After Surgery

After surgery, you'll be dressed in head wrap, which you'll also wear home. The day after surgery, hair washing is allowed. There'll be swelling in the eye area, so ice compresses will be useful. Its important to keep the head elevated during recovery. The skin in front of the incision will be a little numb. Most patients are able to return to work within one to two weeks.
Possible Complications
Bleeding and infections are rare after brow lift surgery. Sometimes temporary hair loss can occur near incisions but this disappears after four to six months.