Gilmore Girls Tribute

Gilmore Girls ended 4 weeks ago *sobs*. Back then I was busy so I didn't have time to write a tribute, but here it is. I first watched Gilmore Girls when it was in its 2nd or 3rd season and since then, it's been my No.1 show. It's a show that's heart-warming, witty, smart, and I really connected with Rory because she went through the same school-related stuff. How many tv shows do you see that actually show the characters going to school for the sake of learning and aiming for colleges, and not to hang out with friends by the lockers (coughtheOCcough)?

Since then I've rewatched Season 1-4, and wow, the show has changed so much. It started as essentially, a family drama, a fast-talking one. Rory started attending Chilton, the private school, while Lorelai worked and went to business school part-time. They both reconnected with the grandparents and were growing up together.
Rory's first boyfriend, Dean. Gosh, remember how he was the perfect, nice boyfriend? He seemed so great until they had that affair after he got married -that was stupid.
Then Rory's second boyfriend, Jess. I liked how he connected with Rory but he was just too much of a jerk back then. Even now, he still remains as a favourite with the fans.
And finally, Rory's first adult boyfriend, Logan. I love love love Logan. I think I've watched the 100th episode, You Jump I Jump Jack so many times I remember the dialogue from the Life and Death Brigade before they jumped.
I was so sad when they broke up! I think what made their break up sadder than other tv break ups for me is that they broke up not because either one of them stopped loving each other or that they had a fight -the circumstances were just not right. Speaking of Season 5, her clothes have been so nice since then. I loved so many of her outfits -the ones that she wore to school and went to dinners in. They're always so simple but never boring and still looked put-together.
OK, enough of Rory's boyfriends. Ah, Lorelai and Luke. We've all been waiting since the very first episode for them to get together, and they did for Season 5, but then the soap opera-like plot of Luke having a daughter appeared and ruined everything. Thankfully, they made up in the last episode so at least we know they'll be together. Even though many fans were angry how short their makeup kiss was, I'm glad the episode focussed on Rory and Lorelai.
Now the goodbye starts. Thank you Stars Hollow folks for all the quirkiness and craziness that you've brought to the show. Even though Suki can get a bit irritating with her squealing, Michel's whining in his French accent is just way funny. And there is just so much to them: Lane and her secret life; Mrs Kim and her antique shop; Taylor and his town meetings; Kirk and his many businesses; Babette gossiping with Ms Patty...
Paris is possibly my second favourite character on the show. My gosh, she is just too funny. I LOVE all the scenes she's in. Her crazy ranting, plotting and scheming and over-achieving. Remember Paris at the Washington leadership conference thing, and her preparing for her first date with Jamie? Remember Paris breaking down in front of national television, announcing she had sex but didn't get into Harvard? Remember Rory and Paris attempting to do Spring Break the 'right way' in Florida? Remember how before they graduated, Paris surrounded her and Rory's flat with charts and lists of things to do before graduating? Barneys Girl and I want a friend who is so organised and motivated like that! I'm going to miss her so much!
Last but not least, the grandparents. While it's always funny to see Lorelai trying to avoid Emily and Richard, it's also heart-warming to see the family moments. Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann were absolutely fantastic on the show and really delivered both the funny and emotional scenes. Rewatching the old episodes, you really see how Lorelai became closer to her parents and how they've finally accepted Lorelai as she is.

This is the last scene from the first ever episode. I love how the show never (or almost had no) major drama and was always about the everyday lives of the girls.
Which is why I loved how the show ended -the last episode covered everything that needed to be covered. The last scene was back to the way the show is, which is random chattering between the girls and them getting coffee at Lukes. I've wanted the show to end with this exact scene for years so I'm glad they did. *Sobs again* This is the only fictional thing that I've ever felt so much at the end. I thought Lauren Graham (hate how Emmy snubs her) and Alexis Bledel (perfect as the pretty, quiet girl) were perfect for their roles -so thank you girls for the seven years of hard work!