Usually the only thing I like about FCUK are their FCUK tshirts, because they're just so cool that way. Definitely an improvement from those vintage coke ad tees. I am still loving my "FCUK in the Windy City" tee. Everything else....I'm only so so about it, I thought it was a bit overpriced for the style ofclothes they are offering. But it seems that while I wasn't looking, FCUK has undergone a change....
...for the better. Still slightly pricey, but along with their ad campaign, their SS07 collection also looks trendier than ever! It was the ads that first inspired me to look closer at the rest of the collection- in particular that white dress (top right) which I am TOTALLY in love with. Even my friend who is adversed to the current "curtain" style of clothes liked it. Unfortunately the material is see-through and I couldn't figure out how I'd wear it without a shift dress underneath cause that would ruin the whole style. And also because the top isn't exactly really fitted.
I am LOVING the loose grey cardigan over the dress pulled together with a wide brown belt (left). The whole look just so effortlessly cool in a fun and girly way.
And for a funkier look, I like these two outfits. It really makes me want to go out and buy a waistcoat/vest thing even though it was kind of a last year thing.
And I absolutely ADORE the vibrant print dresses they have. The color is rich and vibrant without being obscenely glaring. Just perfect!
More colorfully perfect summer dresses. Although it doesn't look it here, in the store the cutting looks really flattering and pretty.
Even the shift dresses. Although i'm not TOO fond of the print on these two, they have some better ones at the store in similar style.
Oh and to cover up, think WRAPS. Like this one here (left). It also comes in cream. Inspired by Kitty from Brothers and Sisters, I think it'll be perfect to put over a dress or spaghetti strap as a cover up. Its pretty AND warm.
More choices for cover up. The flattering wide neckline and the bell sleeves makes a plain black cardi that much more interesting. And I recently bought a similar white short puff sleeved blazer from Bloomies (right) and I LOVE it. Its just the thing to pull an outfit together. The summer version of the black blazer.
And lets not forget taht FCUK also makes very nice bottoms, like these bubble flared skirt and denim shorts.
Seriously, I am VERY impressed with the SS07 collection- those in the stores in the US anyway. The ones in HK, even though are a lot cheaper, is not so classy and stylish looking. Since I didn't get anything in the States, I think I shall have to stick with buying a few plain slightly bubbled tees from FCUK in HK as a summer staple. But for those of you in the States- enjoy!
Photo Credit: FCUK