Ok, maybe I'm a bit of a poser, but after seeing Keds all over the magazines for so long I suddenly have this urge to go out and get a pair of Keds too (their marketing money is obviously well spent). I think it'll be a great replacement for my poor run down sneakers. They are comfortable, casual, affordable and cute. I can totally picture myself walking around campus in them.
Looking through their latest collections, I am thinking of these two. Black and white is obviously the most versatile color. And they look simple, pretty and cool. I especially like the Nanette Lepore designed script skimmers on the left.

Of course, being Keds, I am also tempted to try something different and fun, like these Panda (left) and Duck (right) print skimmers from the Eleanor Grosch collection. I quite like the green ones on its own actually, but I'm not sure how it'll look for the overall picture.
Then of course there are more wild prints from the Nanette Lepore Collection to consider. Note here that I'm only talking about the print, I am not so far gone under the Keds spell that I think the slip on style (right) is cool yet.

In fact, besides the classic skimmer style which I think is girly and pretty, I don't particularly like their other styles, like these peep toes and ankle strap. Peep toes more because I'm not sure HOW peep they are, if done with moderation, peep toes can be nice. And the ankle strap, because its just too much.
And these. . . well they're simply hideous. ugh.

But anyways, back to the point. I am considering getting Keds skimmers, but I haven't found any on the Mag Mile yet (they say Nordstrom carries them, but on first glance I did not see them. . . . ). Any comments on the fit and comfort level?