BG's Paris Diary: Week 10

So here are a few random things you should do if you have the luxury of spare time in Paris.

Just wander around the Louvre by yourself. It is a liberating experience and there are SO MUCH one misses when on a quick tour. I am especially glad I didn't miss this sculpture here, it soo romantic and touching.
Next to the Louvre, there is the Palais Royal. It is an absolutely beautiful garden. On a sunny day, it is especially beautiful and a Parisian crowd gathers to play ball and walk around with their kids. It is charming.
Just so you can say you've been there, there is Montmarte and this building here is the Sacre-Coeur basillica. This is where that scene with the carrousel was filmed from Amelie! Personally I didn't like the area much. Too crowded and there were loads of people accosting you on the street trying to tie strings on your wrists.

Odd things I've seen in Paris. The signs there say, "Greedy Hamster,""Chat Gentil,""Mixed WC,""Chat Vorace" and other bizarre things like that. And this ad, is absolutely EVERYWHERE in the Paris metro. It advertises a museum exhibit. I swear that she looks like Paris Hilton!

Everything in Paris are tiny. Their smart cars are so tiny, they can be parked like THAT (left) on the street. I've honestly never seen that done before until now. I hear that when they park so close they can't get it, they just get four guys on the street and lift the car out, though i have not seen this phenomena yet. Oh and the other day, people were crowding on the streets staring at this little rat eat. It was crazy. I've never seen one so small before, granted I don't see a lot of rats period. . .

And I also find it fascinating that everywhere I go there are restuarants and street names and areas named after people I've studied in class. Descartes, Voltaire, Diderot to name a few. Although I really shouldn't since they name streets after presidents all the time. But still, I thought it was kind of cool.

Now, I am off to enjoy my last two days in Paris- work free! Since HG and I are both going to be busy packing and leaving to go back home, we are going to be taking a break from blogging this weekend. But we'll see you all on monday!